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Research at the Scripps Genome Center includes both interactive collaborations with experimental scientists and the development of new software tools to support these collaborations.

We analyze and interpret each microbial genome in its environmental, ecological and evolutionary context. Because marine genomics has the potential to revolutionize health care, we are continually assessing the biochemical applications of our research.

We strive to achieve a sound and complete interpretation of every genome, including:

  • Precise and complete protein and non-coding RNA gene finding
  • Description of protein function
  • Evolutionary analysis
  • Comparison of proteomes across organisms
  • Assessment of environmental protein sequence diversity
  • Identification of novel biochemical, sensing and regulatory pathways

Our research focuses on:

Microbial Genome Annotation

  • Protein and non-coding RNA gene identification
  • Evolutionary catalogs of molecules and function
  • Genome and proteome organization and structure
  • Prediction of horizontal gene transfer
Multi-genome Comparison
  • Comparison of whole genomes in closely related organisms
  • Searching for genes that are:
    • novel
    • ubiquitous
    • redundant
    • variant
Environmental Sequence Comparison
  • Intra-protein diversity
  • Geographic distribution
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