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Emiliania huxleyi

Lineage Eukaryota → Haptophyceae → Isochrysidales → Emiliania → Emiliania huxleyi
Significance It is the most abundant global coccolithophore, sometimes occurring in massive blooms. It is an environmentally important phytoplankton that forms elaborate plates of calcium carbonate, called coccoliths, around it. It represents an important component of the marine carbon cycle as it exports calcium carbonate from the surface of the ocean to the bottom. It may also play significant role in the global climate change.
Genome Size 220 Mb
Project Emiliania huxleyi, Project ID 12471, at DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI)
Collection Information Unknown
Scripps Researcher Brian Palenik
Sequencing Center DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI)
University of California, San Diego